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Benefits of Quitting Opiates West Chester, NY

quitting opiates use substance abuse pain killers heroin drugs dependence West Chester drug addiction treatment rehabilitation center New York rehab centers Opiates are drugs that help reduce pain, induce relaxation, and produce an intense high. Opiate abuse or misuse for an extended period can lead to p... Read More →

What You Need to Know about Alcoholism West Chester, NY

alcoholism alcohol dependence substance abuse West Chester treatment rehabilitation center New York rehab First of all, to fully understand what alcohol addiction is, we have to understand what addiction is. Alcoholism is lethal if it is not detected in the early stages. Addiction is a condition in which one can’t imagine life without a particular thing, subst... Read More →

Substance Abuse in West Chester

drug and alcohol addiction treatment center rehab WestChester ny Drugs and addiction plague residents even in seemingly idyllic areas like West Chester. According to the Chester County district attorney, a recent take down of a cocaine distribution cartel was the biggest bust in the county’s history. The bust which netted over $60 million in cocaine had an even higher street value. It was a family drug traffic... Read More →

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