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Recovery Programs – West Chester

Recovery programs provide treatment that helps people with a drug or alcohol addiction recover from the disease and enjoy long-term sobriety. A variety of recovery programs are provided by Drug Treatment Centers West Chester.

Addiction Treatment Therapy

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction through recovery programs draws on a variety of both alternative and traditional therapies to provide a holistic approach to treatment that considers the mind and spirit, in addition to the physiological aspects of addiction. Four main models of behavioral therapy are utilized during treatment. To find out more about the treatment options available through Drug Treatment Centers West Chester, call 347-542-5767.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy increases patients’ self-awareness surrounding the issues behind the addiction and teaches them to identify and evaluate harmful attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that contributed to the abuse that led to the addiction.
  • Family therapy helps improve functioning at home to reduce some of the stresses and triggers that can result in a lapse in sobriety and a relapse of the addiction.
  • Motivational interviewing leads patients to identify their own reasons for wanting to recover from the addiction and to build motivation for doing so.
  • Motivational incentives provide rewards for abstaining from drugs and alcohol, reaching personal goals, and participating in recovery meetings. Rewards are tangible in nature and usually include gift certificates, vouchers, or cash.

Types of Treatment Therapies

Quality recovery programs use research-based treatment therapies to address a wide range of issues for a diverse group of patients. Not every patient will benefit from every type of therapy, and a broad range of treatments is essential in a recovery program.

  • Smart Recovery is a popular alternative to 12-Step recovery programs and bases its programming on four critical points: motivation, coping skills, a balanced lifestyle, and managing thoughts and behaviors.
  • Art and music therapy are alternative therapies that provide patients with a creative outlet for expressing emotion and communicating experiences. Art and music also help relieve stress and fill idle time with productive pursuits.
  • Biofeedback is another alternative therapy during which patients learn to control the body’s various involuntary responses to stress, such as muscle tension and high blood pressure, through techniques like deep breathing and visualization.
  • Group meetings provide an added layer of accountability and promote developing healthy relationships with other non-users in various stages of recovery. Group meetings allow patients to share experiences and resources and to both offer and receive support during recovery.
  • Individual therapy addresses the very specific issues, thought patterns, and behaviors unique to the individual and helps patients replace harmful thoughts and behaviors with healthier ones.
  • Yoga helps patients reduce stress and embrace flexibility and awareness of mind and body, and it fosters other healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Moral reconation therapy helps patients achieve a higher level of moral reasoning that takes into account the greater individual and social good. Moral reconation therapy leads patients to identify their purpose in life, set goals for themselves, and increase their level of self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Principles of Effective Treatment

The Principles of Effective Treatment are 13 research-based tenets that should guide the programming of any quality recovery program. The Principles include the acknowledgements that:

  • Addiction is a complex disease that affects behavior and brain function, and while it’s not curable, it’s treatable.
  • Treatment must be geared toward the individual since no single treatment is effective for all patients, and each patient will have a number of unique issues that need to be addressed.
  • Individual treatment plans need to be continually monitored and amended to meet new or changing needs and issues.
  • Addiction rehab can be effective even if the patient is ambivalent toward recovery or didn’t voluntarily enter the program.

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